The Dream Life of Toby McClure

Genre: Paranormal Mystery

Status: Finished (55,400 words)

When a strange accident at an old-future augmented reality nightclub in San Francisco leaves a man without his memory, the only way for the club's designer Lisa Julian to keep her job and her reputation is to prove the accident isn't her company's fault. The problem? Lisa and the man are estranged friends who have barely spoken since a co-founder's suicide destroyed the startup they built together. To uncover the truth behind the accident, Lisa will have to unravel her friend's story and find the courage to face their ghosts before the ghosts unravel her.


We got out of the car on 8th Street and walked deep into the heart of SOMA, past the bondage and discipline shops, the nightclubs and the shelters, the free clinic, and black-windowed warehouses. It was too early in the evening for revelers, so the streets were quiet, empty except for bodies asleep on newspaper in the doorways of abandoned businesses and a fast-walking entrepreneur with a baguette tucked under his arm tearing off pieces of bread and stuffing them into his mouth as he walked.

Jason and I walked without speaking. It was part of the arrangement. He had agreed to give me fifteen minutes in the old place as long as we talked as little as possible, I paid the toll for the Bay Bridge, and I agreed to never speak to him again after this.

I hadn’t expected any better. Even before Jason lost his memory, he had been difficult to reach and even more difficult to convince. Though, this time I didn’t blame him. I doubt that I would have believed my story, if I hadn’t been the one telling it. (Read More...)

(Chapter published as "Game Over" in Elohi Gadugi)


The Colony

Genre: SF

Status: Revising

In a future north of Boston, recklessness is about the only thing that can kill you. That is, unless your family can convince a judge to resurrect you and send you to an artists' colony. At the colony, artists get a reprieve from death to create a masterpiece, but when your work is finished, you're done... for good.

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The Voyage of John Keats, Surgeon, Aboard the H.M.S Beagle (Working Title)

Genre: Alternate History

What if the poet John Keats didn't die of tuberculosis? What if he recovered, married Fanny Brawne, and returned to medicine? And what if in his 30s he was invited to become ship's surgeon for Darwin's famous voyage aboard the H.M.S. Beagle?  

Status: Researching

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Bio: Kristy Harding's stories and essays have been published in SpryElohi Gadugi, The Pitkin Review, and around the web. She has an MFA from Goddard and lives in Portland, Oregon.