Single Subject Reading

This written reading is a good choice for you if you're curious about astrology or want focus on one issue.

Things you might want to explore in a single subject reading:

  • I'm supposed to be a Taurus/Leo/Scorpio, and that doesn't describe me at all. 
  • What is a Saturn return, and why are my friends flipping out about it?
  • What can I do to make sure I'm prepared for Mercury retrograde?
  • My creative practice fell off a cliff. What happened?
  • What are Moon signs/rising signs? Where do I find mine, and what do they mean?
  • I keep falling for the same kinds of people, and it never works out. Is there anything I can do to avoid this?
  • I have a job opportunity, and I'm not sure if it's a good idea.

Cost: $25


Birthday/New Year Reading

This written reading looks at at what's going on in the sky right now and how it relates to you. If you'd prefer, the reading can focus on a single area such as career, creative practice, personal development, or relationships. Most of these readings look at the previous 1-2 years and the next 1-2 years, but if the sky is particularly quiet for you right now, the reading may look further out.

Cost: $100


Birth Chart Reading

Birth Chart Readings are written readings that a look at the sky on the moment of your birth and consider: 

  • What lessons have you come into this life to learn?
  • What does your birth chart say about what is your soul trying to accomplish in this life?
  • What has happened to you in the past that influences you today?
  • What practices are most likely to lead to happiness and fulfillment?

Cost: $100


What Clients Have Said

"Kristy approaches astrology with a writer and editor’s understanding of story. Her readings resonate. This is stuff that could be pretty “out there,” as lofty and esoteric as can be, but Kristy explains things in a way that feels both down-to-earth and revelatory. She provides not just an accurate, interesting interpretation of your past and personality, but also what might be a guide for living your future." -Matt Galletta

"Simply put, I couldn’t be more pleased with my reading from Kristy Harding.

At various times in my life, I’ve had readings done to see if I am on track or if there is something that I need to be addressing. I have received some decent readings in the past, but Kristy delivered perhaps the best yet.

What struck me most was how specific it was. The details provided insight but more importantly, direction. I know exactly where I am in the moment and more importantly, why. There was no filler, no broad strokes -- real instructions for life.

I’m recommending Kristy to all of my friends and family and when it’s time for another reading, she’s the only person I will even consider." -Tom Lucas

"Even though I had no prior experience about astrological readings, I found myself greatly enjoying the experience. Kristy was thorough and knowledgeable, walking me through my chart in a way that was easy for me to follow along with. She was patient with my questions and made sure she did not lose me along the way. I was surprised by the accuracy with which her reading reflected my life and the issues I've been facing." -Heather Jones


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