Writerscopes Weekly Forecast - March 25, 2016

Break Time (Moon Void of Course)

Every two days or so, the Moon goes Void of Course. These are natural pauses in the emotional cycle and are best used for editing, researching, idea generating, reading, and napping. 

  • Sunday 12:26 AM - 11:47 PM
  • Tuesday 6:56 PM - Wednesday 10:45 AM

Emotional Weather (Lunar Transits)

For more on the impact of lunar transits on mood and writing see Lunar Transits: Writing the Emotional Weather.

  • Libra: - Today 11:09 AM
  • Scorpio: Today 11:09 AM - Sunday 11:46 AM
  • Sagittarius: Sunday 11:46 AM - Wednesday 10:45 AM
  • Capricorn: Wednesday 10:45 AM - Friday 6:40 PM

Personal Horoscopes

For best results, read for your ascendant/rising sign. If you don't know your ascendant, you can calculate it here.

Aries You're being pulled in three different directions this week, Aries. On the one hand, there's that opportunity to expand your daily writing practice that's been in effect since last summer. Then there's the need to step it up on the publishing front and go for more mature markets that's been going on for a long time, as well, and now there's an opportunity this week to make some major progress in your personal healing through art. If you aren't sure what to focus on this week, the best option is to remember what this is all about: return to your writing. Let it speak to you. You'll know what to do. 

Taurus You're likely to feel tension between your role in the community and your need for extra play time this week, Taurus, a conflict that may be exacerbated by drama on the publishing front. While you may feel obligated to give the bulk of your attention to the community/publishing issues, it is best to try to find a balance between work and play. It's especially important that you don't neglect writing practices (such as journaling and morning pages) that are a source of self-care, even if the material that comes up during these times is emotionally fraught and difficult to handle. The personal work you're doing now will produce a lot of excellent writing later. 

Gemini Since last summer, you've been doing a lot of work expanding your personal life. This week you're feeling tension in your role as a public artist and the personal work you know needs to be done--both with yourself and in maturing your closest relationships. The key to dealing well with this kind of tension, in general, is to try to find balance, but you'd be forgiven with focusing more on your public role this week. The tension you're feeling should clear up in a week or two.

Cancer Since last summer, it's been prime time for expanding your writing practice. This week, some of your work may be paying off on the publishing front. Or, you may be feeling tension between your desire to write for yourself and the need to write for publication because there are only so many hours in the day. In general, temperance is the way to go, but if you have to lean a little more on the publishing side, don't worry. The conflict should clear up in a week or two. 

Leo For the past month or so, you've been working on a lot of difficult or delicate private issues that have made you need extra play time and have made it difficult to get work done. Things should start to get easier this week, though, and you're likely to find yourself with a lot more energy for the kind of playful creativity that produces your best published work. You may be tempted to try to make up for lost time by buckling down, but you'll find that catching up will be easier if you focus on what's interesting to you, follow your passions, and playfully generate new material.

Virgo This week is, once again, a relatively quiet one on the writing front. You're likely to find your attention taken up by personal issues, shadow work, and your closest relationships. Writing isn't all about sitting at a desk, Virgo. All of this is necessary for you to produce your best work. Don't be nervous if you want to take some time off from writing. This is temporary. If you take advantage of it, in a few weeks you'll be thrilled by the new work this time has generated.

Libra This is a busy week for you on the writing front, Libra! You have a lot of energy available to funnel into your writing practice. You may find it difficult to access, but if you can make the changes to your routine that are necessary to have the time to write, this week has the potential to be very fruitful. It may be awhile before you feel ready to publish, but, when you do, I think you'll be happy with the results.

Scorpio More than any other sign, you like to go deep, Scorpio, and this week you have the wonderful opportunity to go deep in your art through play. It might be a struggle. There are lots of things pulling on you, demanding your attention and your time, but if you can find some time this week for playful creativity, you're bound to benefit.

Sagittarius It's a slow week on the writing front for you, Sagg, which is good because right now the focus is all on you! Last week, I encouraged you to playfully explore the tension between who you are and who you can be. This week, the tension is in who you are deep down inside and how you present yourself. So, take a look in the mirror, dig through your wardrobe a bit, and if you feel like there's a serious mis-match between you and your clothes, no one would blame you for leaving the writing desk a bit early to go shopping. 

Capricorn This is a big week for you in writing, Capricorn. You have the potential this week to do some really beautiful work, but you may find it difficult to access it. There may be some things around publishing pulling at your attention, making it hard, maybe, to find the time you need to just write. There are also some personal things going on for you that put you in serious need of R&R. If you can find a way to balance all of these things and make time to write, you'll be happy you did.

Aquarius This should be an encouraging week for you on the writing front, Aquarius. In fact, things may go so smoothly you don't even stop to think about it. There's a nice synergy between who you are as a writer and your passion for meeting your goals. You may not be satisfied with how things are. You may want to step it up a bit, but your writing practice is right there with you, prepared to go as far with you as you want to go.

Pisces How does an artist work? Have you thought about this question lately, Pisces? Do you believe that artistry comes through discipline and hard work, or do you prefer to wait around for inspiration? If you are more of the romantic type, you may find this week challenging. You're in a time when you'll find a lot of support for working on craft and doing the work to mature as a writer. It isn't easy. You can't do the work and wait for inspiration to strike at the same time, but if you can find a balance between artistry and craft, you'll find the effort of compromise well worth the effort.

All times Los Angeles/PST.