Writerscopes Special Forecast - Saturn Square Neptune


Break Time (Moon Void of Course)

Every two days or so, the Moon goes Void of Course. These are natural pauses in the emotional cycle and are best used for editing, researching, idea generating, reading, and napping. 

  • Today 3:19 AM - Tomorrow 3:27 AM
  • Monday 11:56 AM - 3:57 PM
  • Wednesday 6:55 PM - Thursday 2:02 AM

Emotional Weather (Lunar Transits)

For more on the impact of lunar transits on mood and writing see Lunar Transits: Writing the Emotional Weather.

  • Libra: - Saturday 3:30 AM
  • Scorpio: Saturday 3:30 AM - Monday 4:00 PM
  • Sagittarius: Monday 4:00 PM - Thursday 2:00 AM
  • Capricorn: Thursday 2:00 AM - Saturday 8:20 AM

Big Transit: Saturn Square Neptune

With the Sun conjunct Neptune in Pisces this week, it's a good time to zoom out and talk a little bit about how this year's big transit, Saturn square Neptune, applies to each of the signs. This is a difficult energy to work with. Saturn and Neptune are naturally conflicting energies. Neptune is cosmic and wants to dissolve, and Saturn is pragmatic and wants to make things more solid. With those two planets "squaring off," those natural tensions are amplified. Fortunately, these archetypes (like all archetypes) have a range of expressions, and if you can find a way to work with them instead of fighting against them, they have the potential to influence your life for the better in a powerful way.

So, how might you be feeling under the influence of this transit? When these energies work against each other at the low end of the spectrum, you may feel like you're in the middle of a tug-of-war between an energy that wants to wants to space out/drink/be dissipated and a grown up, "get real" energy that wants you to do the work, study, and think about weighty things like your personal philosophy. When these energies work together in a negative way, Saturn's temptation toward depression and hermit-ing works with Neptune's urge to check out, and you might find yourself feeling bad about yourself and grumblingly indulging more than usual in your drug of choice.

When these two energies work together, though, there's the potential to blast through things that have been keeping you tied in knots for a long time. Saturn's practical grounding can give you the discipline to start implementing ideas that have been hovering at the edges of consciousness. And if you've been stuck in limiting beliefs or slogging through life doing grownup things that don't align with your true self because that's what grownups do, Neptune's influence can help you dream up an exit strategy.    


Personal Horoscopes

For best results, read for your ascendant/rising sign. If you don't know your ascendant, you can calculate it here.

Aries So, how is this big transit playing out for you, Aries? Saturn is in your House of Adventures, and Neptune is in your House of Endings. The House of Endings is associated with hospitals, monasteries, and prisons. When you're at your worst, with Neptune in this house, it's easy to get mystified and imprisoned in problems that you can easily walk away from. With Saturn in the house that's associated with personal philosophies and belief systems, this prison can be made of limiting beliefs about who you are and what you're capable of. Publishing is also associated with Saturn's house. As a writer, this may manifest as rigidity about how to share your work with the world (eg. "Traditional publishing is the only way!") or despair of your chances of success. If you can find a way to work intentionally with the energy, though, Neptune's dissolving energy can help you dream out of creative blocks. With Saturn's pragmatism and ability to cut through the BS, you're less likely to waste time on ideas and methods that aren't realistic.  

Taurus For you, Taurus, Saturn in your House of Taboo is square Neptune in your House of Community and Goals. You may be struggling lately with an "eat, drink, and be merry for tomorrow we die" approach to life. Neptune doesn't really see the point of piddling little things like daily to do lists in the best of times, and Saturn in the House of Death is all to happy to chime in with, "Who cares? You're just going to die, anyway." Pretty grim stuff. But what if you turn it around? What if instead of hearing these energies as a hymn to nihilism, you used them to closely examine how you spend your time? How much of what you spend your time on will matter when you're dead? If your colleagues showed up at your funeral, what would they have to say about you? If you have the courage to face the dark, this is powerful stuff.

Gemini One of Saturn's functions is to help us face reality. When Saturn passes through the House of Long Term Relationships, like it is for you right now, Gemini, it can be a hard time of truth telling in your close relationships. If you're willing to do the work, though, you can come out of this in a year or two better off than you were when Saturn's transit through this house started. Neptune squaring Saturn in your House of Career might complicate matters, though, tempting you to avoid dealing with important issues by filling your head with career fantasies that might not be realistic. If you are conscious of these energies and choose to work with them, though, this is a great opportunity to get clear on what your career dreams are, and with Saturn's help, you have a boost to your ability to come up with practical solutions and restructure your relationships so that you and the ones you love all get the support you need.

Cancer This transit is a big opportunity for you on the writing front, Cancer. Neptune in the house that rules publishing wants to fill your head with big publishing dreams while Saturn in your House of Daily Grind can help you get practical about structuring your time and meeting your goals. The challenge, though, is to get them working together. Without Neptune's view of the big picture, Saturn in Sagittarius has the tendency to get rigid, holding you to your goals when you're better off taking a break. Neptune, on the other hand, when allowed to get out of control, brings the temptation to dream big while dissolving your drive to sit down and do the work. If you can hold these two energies in tension, though, you'll be amazed by what you've accomplished when you look back at the end of the year.

Leo This transit is an odd one for you, Leo. Saturn is in your House of Creativity is asking you to get real about pleasure and play. Are the things you do for fun actually...fun for you? Are the people you socialize with friends because you like them or because they're there? (If the answer to that question is, "No," and you don't like it, you might find yourself getting your hermit on instead of facing the music.)  Do you indulge too much, or are you all-work-and-no-play? Do your beliefs about work and pleasure make you happy? Does the way you structure your creative practice support your health and happiness or make you feel heavy with obligation? These are big questions, and while Saturn is getting all serious, Neptune in your House of Taboo is, frankly, a little heavy, too. This might express itself as an increased appreciation for cosmic horror or an uncharacteristic interest in death or the occult. When these two energies come together it can be a recipe for a gothic depressed-fest. Or, you can use it as an opportunity to deepen, develop complexity and soul, and thoroughly shatter the Leo as happy, shallow party animal stereotype once and for all. What do you say?

Virgo When Saturn the hermit entered your House of Deep Self in the middle of last year, you entered a time that is extremely optimal for introspection and serious self-work, Virgo. This may come as a surprise to you because Saturn tends to go along with depression, and depression tells lies that are perfectly targeted to keep us isolated, miserable, and definitely not interested in any kind of self-improvement program. When we look back at times like these, though, we can often see in retrospect that the most wonderful things happened, seemingly in spite of us, and the time when we thought we were being lame, hiding in the dark binging Werner Herzog documentaries (or is that just me?) were actually fragile periods, and we were no more lame for hiding out than a caterpillar is lame for wrapping itself in a cocoon to hold its liquified body until it re-forms into a butterfly. With Neptune squaring Saturn in your House of Long Term Relationships, you may find your view opening up a bit this year while your friends and relations serve as fun house mirrors, showing you who you want to be and who you definitely don't. It has the potential to be a pretty annoying lesson, Virgo, but if you have it in you to look in the mirror, I think you'll like the results.

Libra This is a challenging time for your writing, Libra. Saturn in your House of Writing is asking you how seriously you take your writing and if you're willing to put in the work at the same time as Neptune is dissolving the very structures that you put in place to get that work done! All is not lost, though. If you can loosen your grip a little and allow yourself to spend some time in Neptune's dream-space, you will find it easier to motivate yourself when you do sit down to work because the work you do will reflect your deepest hopes, dreams, and desires. And if you allow Saturn's realism to temper Neptune's flights of fancy, you'll find it that much easier to give your dreams form. 

Scorpio Saturn in your House of Resources has been working on your self-esteem with you since the middle of last year. Anything you've been falsely humble about or giving yourself too much credit for is up for inspection, and if you've been slacking off or have allowed your skills or certs to slip, you're being encouraged to work on those things, too. At the same time, though, Neptune is hanging out in your House of Creativity. The House of Creativity is the party house, and Neptune's bringing the drinks--and a reminder that all work and no play makes Scorpio a dull human. The trick is moderation, Scorpio. Do the work, but allow yourself to slack off and party, too.

Sagittarius Saturn has been moving through your home house since the middle of last year, Sagg. With Neptune in your House of Deep Self, the focus this year is on you, you, you. You might be tempted to get depressed about who you are now and hide out in fantasies of who you want to be, but these energies can also be used for positive change. If you allow yourself to dream and then use those dreams as inspiration to change your life to match (as best you can), Saturn's pragmatism will help to give your visions form.

Capricorn Saturn has been moving through your House of Endings since the middle of last year. The time is right to think critically about what you want to keep and what you're ready to get rid of. With Neptune in your House of Writing, you might be worried that writing is on the chopping block because Neptune has the tendency to dissolve whatever it touches, and you may find yourself having a hard time focusing on what you want to accomplish. If you can get these energies to work together, though, you'll find that Saturn's realism about the things that are holding you back frees up energy for writing that has been uselessly tied up, and if you allow Neptune's dreams to guide your pen, when you do sit down to write, the things you write will be more authentic.

Aquarius Saturn has been hanging out in your House of Community and goals since the middle of last year, encouraging you to get real about your role in the community and what you want to accomplish. With Neptune fogging up your House of Resources, though, it might be difficult to see what, exactly, you bring to the table. The answer? Talk to your community. Get honest feedback from people you trust. 

Pisces Neptune is going through a long-term transit of your House of Persona. Since Neptune is the ruler of your chart, this is probably making you feel extra Pisces. So, it must have felt pretty odd, then, when Saturn entered your other public facing house, the House of Career, earlier last year, urging you to get structured and serious. If you can figure out how to make those two energies work together, that's a powerful combination, allowing you to be the dreamer with practical, down-to-earth solutions. 

All times Los Angeles/PST.


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