Writerscopes Weekly Forecast - April 8, 2016

Break Time (Moon Void of Course)

Every two days or so, the Moon goes Void of Course. These are natural pauses in the emotional cycle and are best used for editing, researching, idea generating, reading, and napping. 

  • Saturday 2:49 AM - 10:58 PM
  • Monday 11:56 AM - Tuesday 1:07 AM
  • Wednesday 9:00 PM - Tuesday 6:53 AM

Emotional Weather (Lunar Transits)

For more on the impact of lunar transits on mood and writing see Lunar Transits: Writing the Emotional Weather.

The Moon enters...

  • Gemini on Saturday at 10:58 PM
  • Cancer on Tuesday at 1:07 AM
  • Leo on Thursday at 6:53 AM 

Personal Horoscopes

For best results, read for your ascendant/rising sign. If you don't know your ascendant, you can calculate it here.

Aries This week has the potential to be a fantastic writing week for you, Aries. It's been prime time for expanding your writing routine since last summer, and you now have the opportunity to make the most of the time you have, giving you a clear view of how best to plan your time in order to develop your craft. At the same time, you will have a relatively rare (once a year or so) opportunity to develop your voice by seeing what you as an individual bring to the table, what makes you unique, and how to own it with pride. 

Taurus When was the last time you explored your influences, Taurus? The best way to take advantage of the energy this week, is to play around with voice. So, try this exercise on for size. Spend some time reading someone whose work you really admire. Read at the sentence level. Go slow. Then, when you feel like you've absorbed their sensibility, do your best to forget what you just read, relax, and write until you feel ready to stop. Then put it away. A few days later, look at what you wrote. What about what you wrote feels like you? What feels like a suit that doesn't fit? Where do you and the writers you admire overlap, and where is your voice distinctly your own? 

Gemini I'd like to think about super heroes this week, Gemini. If you were a super hero, what would your powers be? What is your fatal flaw? What is your origin story? What do you fight for? What do you fight against? Do you live in a community of super people, or are your powers strange and misunderstood? Then, write a story about a time when your hero got so stuck no one thought they could get out of it... and break them free. Even if this isn't your usual genre, you're bound to find the exercise enlightening. 

Cancer When was the last time you sat down and seriously thought about the future, Cancer? When was the last time you cast forward and thought about where you want to be a year from now? Five years from now? Ninety years from now? Where do you think the world will be in ninety years? Even if you don't usually write in a futuristic genre, I'd encourage you to try it. At the very least, it will give you a clear view of how you want (or don't want) the future to be.

Leo May I prescribe a poem for you? It's one of my favorites, "Power" by Adrienne Rich.  I'd like it to be your mantra this week, especially the last stanza: "She died a famous woman denying / her wounds / denying / her wounds came from the same source as her power." Where are your wounds, Leo? Do you let them into your writing? If you don't, you should. Especially this week. You have a unique opportunity to see what's special about what makes you you and how to communicate it artfully, but in order to reach this insight, you'll have to go deep into the deep-dark.  

Virgo If you're stuck on what to write this week, I suggest stepping back, Virgo, and thinking/writing about the people who are closest to you. How have they impacted you spiritually? What do they have to teach you, particularly--and these are some of the hardest lessons--about surrender and who you are deep down? These questions may not relate directly to what you're writing, but I suspect that taking some time to think about them will loosen your tongue and help you get on your way.   

Libra What are you angry about, Libra? Have you written about it lately? If not, I suggest setting aside some time this week to write letters to everyone (and everything!) you can think of that makes you angry. You don't have to send them. In fact, if you do this exercise right, it would probably be best if you didn't, but you'll benefit a lot this week from understanding how you feel so that when you engage in that diplomacy you're so famous for, you're advocating for your own best interests instead of just keeping the peace.

Scorpio This week is an excellent time to experiment with humor, Scorpio, especially if you go looking for inspiration from the people who are closest to you. If you were to write own version of My Big Fat Greek Wedding, who would the characters be? Where is the humor in your culture, your particular family configuration? Even if you don't plan to actually finish what you start, the insight you can gain from exploring who you are and what makes you unique will be invaluable. 

Sagittarius "Who are you?" isn't just the question the caterpillar's asking this week, Sagg. You may not recognize it, though, if you're expecting a mountain top lecture on Existentialism. The energy this week has a more playful vibe: think roleplay, costumes, and daydreaming. If you write fiction, try seeing a day through the eyes of one of your characters. If you write nonfiction, spend some time in your journal conversing with the "I" who speaks for you in your work.  

Capricorn Do you write memoir, Capricorn? If you don't, this might be a good week to explore the idea, particularly the type of incisive memoir that looks unflinchingly at the self, avoids nothing uncomfortable, and still manages to find the humor in our human foibles. Sound like a lofty goal? Maybe. But there are still benefits to trying. The insight you can gain from this kind of exploration this week has the potential to fill your publication queue for months.

Aquarius Have you found your voice, Aquarius? I've always thought it's an odd question, but writers seem to obsess about it almost as much as they obsess about pens and word processors. This week you have the potential to shine some light on this question for yourself. If you pay attention, you might catch a glimpse of what it is about you and your writing and what you have to write about that is unique. And uniquely beautiful. Don't let this knowledge slip away once you've got it. Take what you've learned and use it to rewrite your goals.

Pisces For several years now, the universe has been holding up a mirror for you, Pisces. In it, if you dare to look, you'll see your soul in its full potential, an image of unspeakable beauty. Is it an illusion? It could be. It could also be more real than you could ever imagine, so what do you do? Do you decide that the image you see is real and risk looking ridiculous if the truth is someday revealed, or do you turn away and pretend that what you see doesn't exist? (Maybe this is what Rilke meant when he said "For beauty is nothing but the beginning of terror which we are barely able to endure.") This week, you have special access to a third option: Create the image you see in the mirror in your writing. Who knows, the self you create just might come to life.

All times Los Angeles/PST.