Writerscopes Weekly Forecast - April 15, 2016

Break Time (Moon Void of Course)

Every two days or so, the Moon goes Void of Course. These are natural pauses in the emotional cycle and are best used for editing, researching, idea generating, reading, and napping. 

  • Saturday 10:49 AM - 4:23 PM
  • Monday 5:30 AM - Tuesday 4:24 AM
  • Wednesday 11:14 PM - Thursday 5:18 PM

Emotional Weather (Lunar Transits)

For more on the impact of lunar transits on mood and writing see Lunar Transits: Writing the Emotional Weather.

The Moon enters...

  • Virgo on Saturday at 4:23 PM
  • Libra on Tuesday at 4:34 AM
  • Scorpio on Thursday at 5:18 PM

The Moon is Full (2 degrees Scorpio) on Thursday.

Astro Plot Points

For insight into where in your life these transits apply to you, check which houses in your chart they happen in. Don't know how to do that? See Getting and Reading Your Birth Chart.


  • Mars goes retrograde (8 degrees Sagittarius) until June 29, 2016. What beliefs are blocking you from meeting your goals?  
  • Mercury (17 degrees Taurus) trines Pluto (17 degrees Capricorn). What new insight about your self-worth is available to you right now that will help you heal the integrity of your soul?


  • Pluto goes retrograde (17 degrees Capricorn) until September 26, 2016. Where do you need to change in order to bring your life into alignment with your reason for being on this planet in the place where you live, as a person of your gender/ethnicity/sexual orientation/religion/socioeconomic class/(dis)abilities/personality, in this moment in history? (Yeah, no biggie.)  
  • Venus (15 degrees Aries) trines Saturn (15 degrees Sagittarius, retrograde) Your beliefs about your art, relationships, and security are up for reassessment. How are your beliefs unrealistic? Which beliefs are you clinging to because you're afraid of what will happen if you let them go? 


  • The Sun enters Taurus where it will stay until May 20, 2016. The spotlight is on the area of your life where you need to work on developing serenity and inner security. 
  • Venus (17 degrees Aries) squares Pluto (17 degrees Capricorn, retrograde). Where do you need to be courageous in your art/relationships in order to heal?


Personal Horoscopes

For best results, read for your ascendant/rising sign. If you don't know your ascendant, you can calculate it here.

Aries It's time to reconsider your approach to publishing, Aries. Are there beliefs that are keeping you from meeting your goals? Do you refuse to submit to certain markets because you don't believe you can get in? Do you ignore submissions guidelines because you believe that the only way to get ahead is to spam? Do you refuse to self publish because you believe that the only publication that counts is traditional publishing? Do you refuse to play the traditional publishing game because of sour grapes or prejudice? Are you writing things that don't sound like you and submitting to the wrong markets because you believe that being a different kind of writer would be more prestigious? Step back and ponder these questions seriously over the next few months, and you'll be ready for a whole new beginning by the end of June. 

Taurus It's time to be courageous with what you write and publish, Taurus, but first, you'd be wise to take some time for reflection. Who are you? What is your place in the world in this moment in history? If you were writing the story of this moment with yourself as the protagonist, where would your story intersect with the story of now? How have you been personally wounded by the things that are wounding society? What oppressed or disadvantaged demographics are you part of? Do you sing those songs? Do you write to heal yourself? Are you courageous enough to speak out, to write our story for us? 

Gemini It's time to set audacious goals for your art, Gemini, and ask the people who are closest to you to support you. What would being brave with your art look like for you right now? Would it mean polishing up something risky for publication? Would it mean tackling a more ambitious project than you're used to? Would it mean asking your family to leave you alone for a few hours in the evening, so you can write? Any of these courses of action (really, anything brave) would be excellent responses to the moment. 

Cancer Think back to where you were last November, Cancer. What creative projects were you mulling over? Were you thinking about changing the ways you express yourself? This week marks the peak of a creative cycle for you. Seeds that were planted back in November (perhaps, literally, if you have a garden and plant bulbs in the fall) are coming into bloom. After taking some time to celebrate, you may want to take some time to assess your routine. What changes do you need to make to how you spend your time and how you treat your health, if you want to meet your goals? 

Leo It's time to reassess the role that play has in your life, Leo. Before you think I'm about to get all doom and gloom, don't worry. By reassess play, I mean: How can you restructure your time to give yourself more room to explore in your art? In what ways do you need to take better care of your health so you'll feel more playful? How can you ease up on the stress of deadline pressure to give you some room to meander in your work? 

Virgo This week marks the peak of a writing cycle for you, Virgo. Think back to where you were last November. What writing projects were you mulling over? What ideas were you thinking about exploring? What characters were you being introduced to for the first time? It's likely those first inklings have become part of finished work now, and it's time to start thinking about publishing.

Libra When was the last time you reassessed your writing itself, Libra? If it's been awhile, you may want to spend some time stepping back this week and thinking about it. Why do you write? What are you hoping to accomplish? Are you writing for yourself or for others? If you are writing for others (or for yourself, for that matter), who are you writing for? What does your voice sound like? Who does your voice sound like? If you've picked up some new skills in the past few months, are those skills reflected in your latest work? Most importantly, is your writing a reflection of you? If there is anything in your writing that is censored or reframed for the sake of someone else's comfort or beliefs, you're likely to feel the pain of that this week.

Scorpio Some of the most powerful influences this week are hitting at the core of your writing practice, Scorpio. Because they involve your chart ruler, Pluto, you should be hearing these questions loud and clear. What do you uniquely have to offer this world as a writer? If all the world really were a stage, what would your character be like? How do the central dramas of the age impact you? How do the circumstances of your life give you a special view on what it means to be alive today? Are these things showing up in your writing? If not, why? What resources do you have that enable you to tell your story? What resources are you lacking and why? Truly answering these questions may be hard. Seeing the gap between what you can do and what you would be capable of if-only can be painful, but your sign is the sign of the shaman. You can face the dark. You have the potential to journey into the underworld and reclaim your soul--and then turn around and go back for the rest of us.

Sagittarius "Routine" is not a word generally associated with you, Sagittarius, but it's in the spotlight starting this week. How often do you decide what to do because it feels good? Before you read any further, take a minute to think about this question. Pretty clear on your answer? Now, consider this: What assumptions did you bring to that question? Did you assume that making decisions based on what feels good is a good thing or a bad thing? How did those assumptions influence your answer? Did you assume that the things you do for pleasure were self-indulgences? Did you see the decisions you don't make for pleasure as useless drudgeries? If you found yourself really strongly influenced in one direction or the other, I would encourage you to keep that bias in mind this week. Notice how being aware of your assumptions impacts the choices you make.

Capricorn This week has the potential to be a banner week for your writing goals, Capricorn. Think back to where you were last November. What intentions for the future did you have then? What new projects were you starting? What goals were you thinking about setting? Where are those projects now? If they're not quite where you want them to be, now would be a good time to give them a little push.

Aquarius Courage is the key word for you this week, Aquarius. There are times when being gentle with yourself is the right course of action, but this is a time for compassionately owning your fear and facing the dark. Where do you need to be courageous in your writing? What truths about yourself and your life and your place in this world do you need to face in order to be authentic? Where do you need courage to meet your goals? What fearful beliefs are blocking you from finishing your story or publishing in your dream market? Where are you playing it safe?  

Pisces If you're not in the habit of looking for signs and omens, this is a good week to start, Pisces. Even if you don't believe that the universe is conspiring to help you with your writing, behaving like you do believe will help you see things you otherwise might have missed. So, keep your eyes open. Look for odd coincidences that pique your curiosity. Listen for the answer to a research riddle randomly coming out of the mouth of a friend. Pay attention to books that fall off shelves, bits of dialog that randomly pops your head, and the picture that holds your attention a split second longer than usual. Blink and you'll miss it, Pisces, so pay attention.    

All times Los Angeles/PST.