The Dark Side of Today's Mars Trine Pluto

I've been reading a lot of comments today about the Mars/Pluto trine that's happening tonight. Almost everything I've seen is positive, that it's a time when drive and the will to change work together and allow you to do good work, that it's a good time to focus. This is true. There are probably a good many people out there right now writing out lists of goals, planning for the future, and generally feeling happy and inspired. But there is another side to this aspect that I don't see anyone talking about.

There are a lot of people having a terrible day today. They have lost something, or they are feeling like the rug has been torn out from under them, and they're angry.

And I would imagine that reading all of the happy-clappy interpretations of this aspect are making them feel crazy or broken.

If you're not having a happy time of things today, you're not crazy. You're just experiencing another side of this transit.

"Trine" isn't the same as "happy." It just means that activating the energy of the transit is easy. You might not have to work hard to feel the effects of the transit. If you like what the planets are doing, you might not even notice anything is happening. 

"Trine" also mean the planets agree. They aren't working at cross purposes. They get along. They agree about how things should be and work together to make it happen.

You don't always want planets getting along. 

Take this trine, for instance.

Pluto has a positive side. It's associated with healing and transformation, but Pluto also rules the underworld. Pluto is like the Grim Reaper. Pluto transits take away things that are already dead. If you don't want this thing to be dead, and you've been keeping it around, hoping for someone to come along with a resurrection spell, you're not going to be very happy to see Pluto. You might even be pretty pissed off, especially if Pluto's appearance takes you by surprise.

Anger is another side of Mars. Yes, Mars is important in creativity and motivation and sexy times, but Mars is also the god of war. Wars kill people. War breaks spirits. 

So, if you're feeling pissed off today, don't worry about being crazy or bad or out of sync with the cosmos. You're just seeing the darker side of Mars and Pluto, and, undoubtedly, that's enough to deal with today.