News and New Offerings

I've quietly experimental for the past few months as I try to figure out what being an astrologer means to me, where it fits into my life, and how I want to share. There is a lot of freedom when putting together a practice like this, and I'm enjoying trying things and seeing what happens. In fact, I'm enjoying it so much that the changes are starting to pile up.

If you follow the blog with an RSS feeder and haven't seen the actual site in awhile, you might want to stop by and take a tour. I'd hold an open house, but there's nowhere to put potato salad on a website, and everyone knows that potato salad is essential to an open house, so you'll have to look around without potato salad or, you know, make your own potato salad and try not to drop it on your keyboard.

If you hate potato salad or just want the highlights, here's the gist: 

I have a newsletter. I know, I know. All of the cool kids have newsletters, but there are a couple of good (at least, I think so) reasons why I made one. The first is that I have the crappiest super power ever: Every time I get within five feet of an RSS feed it breaks down crying. It's probably because there used to be one degree of separation between me and the creator of Google Reader, and all the RSS feeds in the world assume I understand their pain and will give them sympathy. If you've been subscribing to the feed with a feed reader, you probably share my frustration with the RSS feed breaking down thing. (Sorry.)

The second reason I have a newsletter is that I like reading newsletters. There's something that happens psychologically to writers when they know that everyone who's reading what they're writing is reading it on purpose. Something, something self-esteem. I don't know. Whatever it is, reading a newsletter feels more like conversation with friend and less like screaming into the void than a blog--unless the writer is a raging marketing machine, and we all know what that reads like. I've written two newsletters now and sent one, and I'm starting to understand why some bloggers stop blogging altogether and just start writing e-mails instead.

If you'd like to join the newsletter party, you can catch up on what you missed and sign up. The first newsletter went up on Twitter, but I won't be doing that again. Subscribers are welcome to share, but if I do it, I may as well just write a blog post. New letters go out monthly, and the second one goes out on Sunday. I'm excited about this one. It's about Lovecraftian cultist landscapers and zombie geese and how they are essential to understanding Aquarius. Obviously, the astrology thing is going well.

There is a new page that tells the story of how I got into astrology because there was a spot on the front page that needed a button, and every button needs somewhere to go, especially now that Google Reader is gone. 

I created the Stellar Lexicon, a dictionary of astrological terms. From what I can tell, most of my readers are writers who found my work in the Paper Tape days, so I've been trying to keep my blog as accessible to astrology newbies as possible. It's my hope that the Stellar Lexicon will make things more clear without forcing me to repeat the same definitions over and over again. I'll be adding to the Stellar Lexicon as the need arises and my knowledge grows, and I can use your help. If you find a word in a post that you don't know the meaning of or if you find a nifty description of an astrological term out in the wild, please tell me about it.

There are some new resources on the Astrology Resources page. There are a few new blogs in there that are worth checking out and a few new books.

Lastly, Astrology Readings for Writers is not long for this world. From the feedback I've gotten, it's a good product. I'm just not charging enough for it (less than minimum wage. Ouch!), which is a not-so-subtle way of saying that if you are a writer who wants an astrology reading for really cheap, you may want to sign up for one before I delete the sales page. It's a race!