Astro Riff: Carl Jung

When I started doing Astro Riffs, one of the first charts I printed out was Carl Jung's because his work is the place where my work as an astrologer and as a writer come together. His ideas are the foundation of modern humanistic astrology, and his work with archetypes has influenced, directly or indirectly, the character creation process of every writer who came after him. He also gave rational people very good reasons to take their dreams, intuition, and fairytales seriously, and that may be the greatest contribution of all.

I've hesitated to write about Jung, though, because I want to do his chart justice, but there was a request for this riff,  and I finally decided to just do it.

In Yesterday's Sky, Steven Forrest does a analysis of Jung's chart. If you're looking for something thorough, I can't recommend it highly enough. In his nodal analysis, he focused on Jung's karma. Since that ground has already been covered, and I'm particularly interested in the ways that south node issues manifest in this life, I want to spend this riff looking at Jung's nodes from another angle. 

Jung's south node is in Libra and the 8th House.  When I look at this arrangement, the first thing I think of is his early career as a member of a society (Libra) of psychoanalysts (8th house). Of course, psychology is generally associated with Scorpio and not the 8th house, but they are connected. Though, it can be dangerous to associate house and sign too strongly, in this case, since we are talking about biographical information we can verify, I don't think it's too much of a stretch to associate the 8th house with Scorpio and, through Scorpio, psychoanalysis. We can say for certain that early in Jung's career he was a member of an established society of psychoanalysts.

Jupiter shares a house and sign with the south node, but it is not conjunct. Psychoanalysis was a relatively young discipline at the time, so the influencers in the field had an especially strong gravitational pull. Jung was a student of Freud's. Though, he didn't lose himself in Freud, he did orbit him for awhile. With Venus, the ruler of Libra, in 6th House Cancer conjunct Mercury and the Moon in Taurus in the 3rd house, it may have been comfortable for Jung to spend his life in service, nurturing fascination with Freud's ideas and writing about them. 

His north node urged him toward a different path, though. His north node was in Aries and the 2nd house. The Aries north node is one of the most difficult nodal placements because a shallow reading of the symbol is so disturbing. In mythology, Aries is the God of War. While war can sometimes be justified in defense of the innocent, most spiritual people agree that it should be avoided if at all possible. To see war as a path of spiritual growth, then, implies that war in and of itself can be a moral good or, worse, that harming another human being can be justified if it serves the warrior's personal development. 

There is another side to Aries, though, and that is courage. Courage is the strength of character that allows us to face the threat of violence against ourselves in pursuit of a higher good. With Jung's north node in Aries, the path of growth for him was in having the courage to see the worth of his own ideas and--another Aries concept here--be a pioneer. Jung was a pioneer of psychology's spiritual dimension. With Neptune sharing the 2nd house with his north node, his sense of spirituality would have been one of his most valuable resources. With his Sun was in Leo, he was born to be a leader, even if it irritated Freud and made them rivals.

Where was he meant to be a pioneer? Mars, the ruler of Aries, was in Sagittarius in the 11th house. One of the names of the 11th house is the house of guilds. Jung could be said to be a member of the guild of psychoanalysts, which adds weight to the idea that he was meant to be a pioneer in his professional life. Sagittarius gives us a clue about the way in which he was meant to lead. Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter, the planet of faith, and Sagittarius is associated with philosophy and learning, which can be boiled down to "right belief." Jung was meant to be a leader in the community and help establish foundational principles of psychoanalysis.

Helping him do that was Jung's Moon and Pluto in Taurus. One of Taurus's strengths is in taking the innovations of Aries and perfecting them. In a video I can no longer find of a conversation between Rick Levine and Jeff Jawer on Taurus, they said that Aries is the trail blazer, and Taurus comes along behind and makes the road straight. Once he got over his habit of civilized deference, Jung would have probably felt strangely comfortable (Moon) knocking down whatever stood in the way of the growth (Pluto) of his field.

Taurus is ruled by Venus, the goddess of love and peace, but Inanna, one of the older manifestations of Venus, was the goddess of love and war. Just like the ancient connection between love and war is buried in mythology, there is hidden violence at the root of Taurus. Improving anything is a violent act. It requires you to partially undo what has already been done in order to perfect it. Jung would have needed all of the courage he could get to dare to fulfill his destiny and trust in his own experience and learning and build on the work of his teacher.

It is no surprise, then, to find Saturn at home in Aquarius in Jung's 1st house. Jung was a responsible student. He would have taken his calling very seriously, and having Saturn as such an intimate part of his identity would have probably given him the patience to wait until he could do the job right.