Writerscopes Weekly Forecast - 4 December 2015


Break Time (Moon Void of Course)

Every two days or so, the Moon goes Void of Course. These are natural pauses in the emotional cycle and are best used for editing, researching, idea generating, reading, and napping. 

  • Sunday, Dec. 6 - Evening
  • Wednesday, Dec. 9 - Morning

Emotional Weather (Lunar Transits)

This weekend the Moon will be in Libra. Libra is the sign of romance, poetry, and literary fiction. Beauty, harmony, and balance will be closer to our hearts this weekend. Now is a good time to step back from whatever you're working on and make sure that you're considering things from all angles. Do you understand the point of view of everyone in your story? Can you see the bad side of the good guy and the good side of the bad guy? Sunday evening will be an especially good time to slow down and work on beautifying your sentences.

From Monday to Wednesday morning, the Moon will be in Scorpio. Scorpio is the sign of horror, dark fantasy, and mysteries. If you find yourself fascinated by the taboo or writing stories that are sexier, deadlier, and contain more Tarot cards and elder gods than usual early this week, you are not alone. Scorpio is one of the most introverted and psychologically oriented signs in the Zodiac, and the pause on Wednesday morning is a good time to set aside a few minutes for self-examination. And if that doesn't appeal to you, researching your favorite haunted houses and serial killers may be a good use of that emotional pause, too--as long as you remember to clear your browser history.

The week ends with the Moon in Sagittarius. Sagittarius is the sign of space opera, road trip stories, and ideas fiction. If you have been feeling bored with the direction of your story, now is a good time to shake things up. Send your characters off on an adventure. Have your protagonist climb a mountain and bellow her personal philosophy to the valley below. Don't be afraid to run until you're exhausted. The Moon will be void all day on Friday, so that will be a great time to take a long weekend and consider your own personal philosophy. Or, you know, binge watch Doctor Who.

Swiftly Moving Planets (Personal Planet Transits)

Venus moves into Scorpio today, and she will stay there until the end of the month. Venus rules the arts, and when she goes through Scorpio, artists and writers may find ourselves drawn to dark beauty and radical honesty. Scorpio is also a deeply introverted sign, and the Moon's passage through Scorpio early this week is a good time to consider taking some time this month to consider your relationship to your art. 

Mercury moves into Capricorn on Wednesday. Like Venus, it will also be there until the end of the month. Capricorn is associated with the House of Career. With the planet of communication and thought in this sign, you may want to spend some time this month talking and thinking about your writing goals for the coming year.

Personal Horoscopes

For best results, read for your ascendant/rising sign. If you don't know your ascendant, you can calculate it here.

Aries You may be fantasizing today about starting the weekend early and hitting the road on an inspirational road trip, but Mercury in your House of Adventures is in conflict with Jupiter in your House of Daily Grind, and your todo list keeps getting longer. The best approach is to find a way to balance your responsibilities and your desires, especially if you're on a deadline. Any loose ends will begin to bug you by Sunday night when Pluto in your House of Career runs into conflict with Mars in your House of Long Term Relationships. You'll feel much better spending time with your significant other or close friends this weekend if you aren't fretting about the mess you'll find on your desk (or in your inbox) on Monday morning--especially with Mercury joining Pluto in your House of Career in the middle of the week. Pay attention to how you feel about your career on Wednesday. Let those feelings guide any career goals you set this month. 

Taurus You want to play today, but your thoughts keep turning dark. The more you fight it, the worse the tension will get, so give in and try to find a safe way to combine these two impulses. Play in the dark. Lock your door and write something that disturbs you. Cut out early, make a big bowl of popcorn, and watch horror movies. Get tickets to a burlesque show. You'll be happy you did on Sunday when Mars and the Sun come together to ask if you have a healthy relationship with your shadow. Mercury enters your House of Adventures in the middle of the week asking, "How do you want to break out of your comfort zone in 2016?" It's a big question, I know, but you have a whole month to consider your answer.  

Gemini How do you want to spend your Friday night, Gemini? Odds are, you're torn between spending time with the people you're close to and staying home and cleaning house. Can you find a way to do both? Later this weekend, you'll find yourself conflicted again between the desire to play and the need to think about your responsibilities, and you'll feel better if you aren't either desperate to play or desperately upset to come home to a mess. Venus moving into your House of Daily Grind this month invites you to consider your creative practice. What do you need from your art in 2016? Honestly? How can it feed you? What regular practices can you put in place to support your craft and get your needs met?

Cancer Ever since Mercury moved into Sagittarius a few weeks ago, you've been trying to find balance between your daily routine and an expanding need to write, think, talk, observe, write, revise, write, and research. Jupiter is in your House of Writing until September, Cancer, and now is a good time to have faith in your ability to take on the ambitious writing project you've been dreaming about for years. Balance is your friend today, but don't be afraid to let the chores wait until later in the weekend. You'll be more in the mood to clean house and attend to your journaling practice on Sunday. And, if you're lucky, you might even be able to convince a friend or your partner to join you. Venus moving into your House of Creativity invites you to spend the next month considering, "How can you bring more play to your creative practice this year?" You will benefit if you can find some time this month to write about it in your journal. 

Leo There is more to you than the size of your paycheck, Leo, but odds are you've been spending the past few months thinking a lot about money. Since August, Jupiter has been asking you to have faith in your skills and inner resources. If you aren't pro already, you may be strongly considering attempting it now. Today is a good day to find balance between taking your writing seriously and indulging the spirit of adventure and play that inspires your creative process. On Sunday, Mars in your House of Writing will be in tension with Pluto in your House of Daily Grind, and you'll find it easier to reconcile the conflict if you've already spent some time practicing integrating adulthood and creativity. With Mercury moving into your House of Daily Grind on Wednesday, you'll have plenty of time to think about the habits you want to build to support your ambitions in 2016. 

Virgo Jupiter has been moving through your House of Persona since August, and today it joins up with Mercury in your House of Deep Self to invite you to consider, "Who are you really?" Does the person you look like on the outside match who you are on the inside? This weekend is a good time to think deeply about that question because it will come up again on Sunday when Mars chimes in, asking if your current skills are really all you're capable of. You will be grateful that you spent a weekend on inner housecleaning later in the month as Venus in your House of Writing and Mercury in your House of Creativity invite you to think deeply about your goals for your writing and creative practices in 2016. You will find both much more satisfying if you're clear on who you are and what you have to offer.  

Libra Jupiter has been moving through your House of Endings since August, Libra, bringing you through the end of its twelve year cycle. Today it teams up with Mercury in your House of Writing to ask, "What in your writing practice are you ready to let go of between now and September?" If you find that you have a hard time answering this question, a potentially stressful interaction between Mars in your House of Persona and Pluto in your House of Deep Self on Sunday may help you get clear on who you really are and what your priorities are. These are questions that may repeat over the next month as Mercury travels through your House of Deep Self, asking you to get clear on who you want to be in 2016. 

Scorpio Jupiter has been moving through your House of Goals since August, Scorpio, encouraging you to think big about your plans for the future and your role in the writing community. Today, Jupiter is teaming up with Mercury to ask you to think deeply about what your skills and resources are and how they can be put to good use to help you achieve your goals. Getting clarity on what you have to offer before Sunday will help you deal with a potentially stressful interaction between Mercury and Pluto in which you are asked what old artistic passions have reached the end of their lifecycle and are ready to be released. All of this housecleaning is good preparation for an intense month for you. Venus is moving into your House of Persona, and Mercury is moving into your House of Writing. Together they ask how you want to present yourself in 2016 and how that voice can be reflected in your writing.

Sagittarius Since August, Jupiter has been moving through your House of Career, inviting you think bigger about your career and invest in it. Mercury in your House of Persona comes together with Jupiter to ask, "How does your personal philosophy interact with your career? Do they work together, or do they conflict?" On Sunday, Mercury and Pluto will ask the same question from a different angle when they ask you to consider carefully what you're capable of and if it's enough to get you to reach your goals. 2016 is a year you'll want to pack light for, Sag, and you'll do well to consider what illusions about yourself that you want to let go of and what resources you really have.

Capricorn Jupiter moving through your House of Adventures since August has invited you to expand your horizons and get out of your comfort zone. Now that your adventures are nearing the end of this transit's first quarter, Mercury in your House of Endings is asking you to consider how the experiment is going. What do you want to continue? What do you want to end? Pluto is in a long-term transit through your House of Persona, clearing out everything from personal presentation that doesn't serve you. Pluto is one of the less subtle planets and tends to work through outer events. With Mercury moving into his domain, you have an opportunity to interact directly with this transit and think deeply about who you are and how you want to change. A fresh round of Plutonian cleansing will be triggered by Mars moving through your House of Career on Sunday asking how all of the changes you're going through will impact your career. You will find answers to all these questions useful as you make plans for 2016.

Aquarius 2015 has been a difficult year for you, Aquarius. Pluto has been moving through your House of Endings since 2008, forcing you to deal with all your garbage, even the dust bunnies behind the fridge. Pluto had been working on you long enough by the beginning of 2015 that you probably decided that living in a personal demolition zone is just business as usual. Then Jupiter entered your House of Taboo back in August, working in tandem with Pluto, making sure that you pay special attention to the things you don't want to deal with like ungrieved losses and unpaid debts. The bad news: Both of these difficult transits will be activated this weekend. The good news: You will get an authenticity gold star when all of this is over, and when Mercury asks you to set career goals this month, you might even find it a (comparatively) welcome relief.

Pisces Jupiter's passage through your House of Long Term Relationships has been bringing relationship issues to the fore since August, but Mercury is stopping in today to remind you to think about your career. If you are finding it hard to focus today, though, don't worry. Mars in your House of Taboo will team up with the Sun in your House of Career on Sunday to make sure that you are passionately aware of all the things about your career you aren't supposed to think about. It may be a bit unpleasant, but don't feel bad about yourself. It's just the universe's way of making sure you are conscious of your intentions for 2016 by the time the ball drops on New Years Eve. 

All times Los Angeles/PST.