New Offering: Astrology Readings for Writers

Recently, I've had the opportunity to do a series of astrology readings for writers, and I've noticed that writers generally ask the same questions: 

Does my chart say anything about writing? 

Can you tell me anything that will help me to be a better writer?

Why is writing so hard for me? Does it mean I'm not meant to be a writer?

These questions are usually asked with anxiety, as if the client wouldn't be surprised to hear that a craft they've dedicated their lives to will turn on them in the end. I wish I could say this anxiety surprised me, but as a writer I understand how my clients feel. I know what it's like to find a new literary hero and then discover, once again, that they were unhappy and died horribly. I know what it's like to throw away hundreds of pages, shelve and unshelve an unfinished novel, pile up rejections, and wonder if you're deluded for trying. 

Anyone who has ever seriously attempted to be a writer knows that it isn't easy, but I believe that understanding who you are and how you work can make it easier. Astrology is one of the best tools I know of to deepen your self-knowledge. It hasn't catapulted me onto the best sellers list, but it has helped me find peace with my process and happiness in my work. Because I find it so useful, I've put together a special astrology reading just for writers.

Astrology Readings for Writers focuses entirely on writers' concerns. I look at a map of the sky at the moment you were born and examine what it has to say about your: 

  • Inner Conflict  
  • Communication Style 
  • Creative Process
  • Creative Blocks 

To celebrate this new release, and make it more accessible during the holiday season, I'm offering Astrology Readings for Writers at $10 off through the end of December.

It is my hope that this offering will send you into the New Year excited to return to your writing desk with more peace of mind.