Big Transit: New Moon in Libra

"Libra," from a 15th century Norman astrology book?

"Libra," from a 15th century Norman astrology book?

Big Transits are happenings in the sky that last for more than a few weeks. The longer a planet stays in one place, the longer it has to build up power. Since we can't spend all our time star gazing, these are the events that I believe are most worth attention.

Over the weekend, the Moon's nodes left Aries/Libra and began a new passage through Pisces/Virgo. For the past 18 months the collective has been challenged to learn Libra lessons: peace, diplomacy, appreciation for the arts. The movement of the nodes into a new sign means that this round of lessons is over. 

Today we celebrate our graduation with a New Moon in Libra.   

New Moons are the beginnings of new emotional cycles. This cycle will last a little over five months. If you haven't reflected on what you've learned over the past year and a half, now is a good time to do that and make plans for how you intend to apply what you've learned during this lunar cycle.

This cycle ends at the Libra Full Moon/Eclipse on March 23, 2016.

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