Hi, I'm Kristy. 

You might know me from my blog, writing, or my work as an editor on Paper Tape MagazineMaybe you heard that I'm pretty good at helping writers make their stories better or that I do astrology readings.

I am a Taurus Sun, Aquarius Moon, Leo Rising, INTJ, Enneagram 1w2, and a really terrible dancer.

I like stories.

After earning a degree in English from Southern New Hampshire University, I worked as a community organizer in Boston. There I listened to folks in my community tell stories and used my experience selling gummy bears to underaged punks at an underground venue to organize open mics and Dungeons & Dragons games in an Episcopal church basement. I saw how a well-told story inspired the people in my community to collect clothes for poor mothers in our neighborhood and spend hours on the weekends in boring committee meetings advocating for a better world.

I wondered: What made stories so powerful? How did they work? What is the difference between a satisfying story and a dissatisfying one? So, I went back to school and got an MFA in fiction from Goddard College where I studied poetry in translation, began a novel, and was an editor for The Pitkin Review. 

After Goddard, I brought organizing and storytelling together and founded Paper Tape to give storytellers a wider audience on the web. I learned that the people with the most interesting stories are often the ones who need the most help, and I discovered a passion for helping writers find the stories they're burning to tell. 

In July 2015, after 3 years and 7 issues, I left Paper Tape to concentrate on my own writing and working with writers 1:1. 

I like stars.

I've been studying evolutionary astrology since 2013. Evolutionary astrology uses the tools of humanistic psychology (think: CG Jung) to ponder big metaphysical questions, like: Who am I? Why am I here? How did I get to where I am today? In November 2015, I became a student in Steven Forrest's Apprenticeship Program. 

Let's look at the stars and tell stories.

Interested in an astrology reading? Stuck on a story you're writing and want to talk it out? Not sure what this is all about and want to know more? 

Shoot me an e-mail or find me @kristyharding on Twitter.

I'd love to talk to you.