I write stories about things like desert breezes in ancient Sumer who find consciousness (and apotheosis) through compassion, startup founders confronting the ghost in their dead co-founder's machine, and lonely people who find love and enlightenment through EEG machines. My stories have been published in anthologies from Three Drops Press and Cleis and in Elohi Gadugi

I also have conversations with interesting people and post them on the internet. You can find some of them here and here. I recently started interviewing poets for Spry Literary Journal.

In addition to writing, my other passion is divination. I organize the Westside Diviners meetup in Portland, Oregon. I am particularly interested in astrology*, Tarot, and the runes as tools for promoting personal transformation.

In a past life, I was founder and editor of Paper Tape MagazineI have an MFA in creative writing from Goddard College where I wrote a novel (at a hackerspace in Silicon Valley) about startups and suicide and a thesis on Rilke's German poetry in translation. While at Goddard, I also served as an editor for The Pitkin Review.   

I currently live in Portland, Oregon and pine for my native New England. When I'm not writing stories or swearing at the runes, I am learning to play the mandolin and pointing my camera at the sky looking for evidence that the sun came out today. 


*I have a Taurus Sun/North Node (conjunct), Aquarius Moon, and Leo AC.